Saturday, April 29, 2006



That would be the day today, my mood and my 'hood!

Ok, so I am not the most reliable source of hip hop recommendations but the track "Psycho" by Busta and his new protege Papose is hoooooooot, Benji B has it as his opening track on his session on 1xtra this week - sweet...Ah Busta, if only your bodyguard hadn't been murdered on the set of the video for your lead off single.

Week in review. Thursday evening had meeting[over dinner @ San's btw, yummy Korean grub which has me longing for Bloor & Christie] w/ Paul, Angela, Ceara and George re: the upcoming opening of Timmie's on Queen West. Stay tuned for updates and links to Timmie's blog which is in the works.

On same ole Thursday, I made an executive decision, I only hope it wasn't a tacticle error. It is hands down, the busiest of days on the calendar @ my temp assignment. Thursday just happened to be the day that my meeting w/ a recruiter for the PR biz was scheduled for after being postponed twice previously. Things were impossibly busy @ poncy station and I called and rescheduled. Highly big of me all things considered.

Well, yesterday was equally busy AND worse still, I had made an error the night before w/ some courier items. I remedied it with uber calm trooper veneer, to the very finish. Then out of the blue, midday, plate-gate happened. The VP, the one who always has some neurotic, flaw of mine to point out to the office manager, the one who basically slammed a cupboard door in my face, sent the snooty missive. In a note to the entire TO list, there was this rant about leaky porridge plates in the dishwasher. What a petty twat!

I tell you, I was on the phone calling other temp agencies and it was all I could do not to walk the frack out of that place. Curses to me for not submitting my time cards so that I could, NO REALLY- curses to me.

Well, THANKFULLY when I got home, there was a call from the TCHC about a job I applied for about 5 weeks ago. I also got a call about a job I didn't get but already knew that I didn't get over a month ago. But really, regardless of how much I may enjoy an assignment, plate gate was the reality check I needed to never again neglect my leads or my finding of new ones, like Julia Roberts not kissing on the lips in Pretty Woman, never get attached!

Ok, must run to the library, my only obligation of the day. I have to return two DVDs that I loaned for younger nephew last week. When I return or possibly tomorrow, I'll have to report back on the lovely walk I had today, all about Timmie's store, CityIdol last night, how Fedex guy was sporting some lovely cologne, and whatever other follies transpire.

Friday, April 28, 2006




So PISSED right now. I am ready to so ditch this temp assignment and move on. The infatuation with things poncey is wearing off fast.

The VP sent out the snootiest note to the entire Toronto team re: a soiled breakfast plate that I used and the pettiness is admirable. For an exec, this person always seems to find time in their calendar for unpleasantries. Considering the time sensitive pressure at the moment, I am suprised at myself that plate-gate would be the thing to take me over the edge.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Misuse of the "N" word

First Kevin Costner's red light massage, now this...Hollywood darling, my feeble countenance cannot abide this I.N.S.AN.I.T.Y. To suffer as I did, you must read till the very diabolical end of the article...Tom Cruise is looking REALLY normal right now, okay? Frack!

Monday, April 24, 2006



Too much going on I tell you... Four noteworthy things happened today. The streetcar I was on en route home got hit by a cab, and at the spot on the streetcar that was closest to where I was seated. Next, I ran into Maureen Kennedy, while detouring post crash, and we took the bus home together. While on the bus, I had another one of my nephew sightings[shout out to his pal Azizah!]and he mentioned that his school was teargassed and that there was a bomb threat[now children, if anyone so much as touches a hair on his head, wow...LIGHTS OUT] effective tomorrow[is it exam time or sommink], but prior to all of this chaos, one of the admins @ my temp assignment got the boot today.

She just bought a house, has a toddler but its no income time for her sadly. Which leads to my last tidbit - I got extended until May 19th. The day took this strange turn in the afternoon. I am all about being on my Ps and Qs in poncy-land on 320 Bay and mid afternoon, all of a sudden, this strange, hobbit like man barges into the office. He was incoherent and just bizarre.

He asked to see one of our consultants, even though he was unscheduled, which by the way, many appointments seem to be these days[have to stop that, too chaotic]. Anywho, I called the admin of his intended who sent someone else out to pacify him. At that exact moment, when he was barking and just being bizarre in the reception area, the most difficult call that I have had all assignment long came in and wouldn't you know, it was for that SVP whom I have sooooooooo much trouble with. The caller was harping on about a deadline that had to met today with someone who was out on vacation and escalating her request to that person's boss[aka difficult SVP], yadda yadda; enough already!!

Going back there in my head right now, I was completely flustered and could not focus worth a lick with hobbit man in the background. Wouldn't you know, within minutes of my call being disengaged, although he was sputtering on about something else, he left as quickly as he blew in. Faaaaaaaack!!! Like he was just there to frack up my phone finesse; I'll get you Bilbo Baggins beelzebub!

Ok - on the phone w/ poh-poh now re: cab incident.


Sunday, April 23, 2006


Paying Respects...

Interesting universe, these blogs of ours. Not sure how, but I got "hooked up" with Care Pages, an online health/medical update site with a page for a former colleague and the mom of a former colleague, Brooke Forbes.

Her son turned the carepage sitch into a blog and there I watched and read as his mom eventually succumbed to cancer. Such a surreal experience finding out that way. As my nephew, with a pinched face said "that's weird"...indeed. I was listening to Steve Wright, Sunday Love Songs on BBC 2, a song by the Chi-lites was playing and I just burst into tears as I read the news in a final post. If I had been listening to "The Sunday Edition" as I usually do and had not headed to North York for dad's Sickle Cell info session, perhaps I would have found out that way? Alas, I was out the door before the show started.

Hmmm, well a definite "stay in" wknd wasn't it? Rainy, chilly, grey, ick. I rented 2 flix. "Shop girl" and Domino. The first was suprisingly good and Domino was unwatchably bad. May she rest in peace but the movie tag should of have been "my name is Domino and I need you to pay attention to me". Shaaaaddup!

I have to admit, I picked it up cuz the Ramirez guy looked like suitable eye candy and Macy Gray, Mo'nique and Delroy Lindo were in it. Also, since "Sin City", so loving Mickey Rourke all over again. Too bad the "star of the movie" has such a big head and chain smoked or chewed gum to "look cool", the cinematographic and plot based rip offs of Pulp Fiction were too much to bear. I enjoyed the blond guy from 90210 in it though, UNDERUSED!

Dad's brunch was a hit and was so good to finally do some power laundry last night. Meanwhile time to power down as I have to take a big bite out of the next week re: temp and perm. leads, invus., etc...

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Floet- On!

Ahhh, such a good show.

Got to the Phoenix minutes before the headliners hit the stage. I missed Goapele and Masia-One. Sadly, I heard from one of my compadres that the crowd had little love for Masia[typical Toronto, so typical; when will you change? gah!] and that Goapele rocked out. Also something to the effect that the latter may have been a bit high maintenance. Care to confirm anyone?

Anywho, Floetry were incredible and amazing. Good Lord! The show REALLY could have gone on all night and there were intense vibrations throughout their performance. The way that they have captured, mastered and articulated the combination of spoken word and vocal brilliance is most stunning and with all due respect to their studio/production team, the live show far outshines the typical CD -truly a 3 dimensional offering; maybe they could give us a live album.

I so enjoyed that "Floacist"[Natalie Stewart], the spoken word half of the group was clearly sporting the leader/musical director hat for the show. Not sure if this is always the case but as an avid spoken word devotee, so nice to see that element far in front.

For some reason, I was remiss in how sensual their lyrics are - "Floacist's" reference to not being responsible for child support payments was quite a propos!

Kudos to REMG & the folks at that radio station for bringing a most excellent midweek gig to the Phoenix.

Dwayne Morgan back from Euro tour
DJ Sean Sax, and Simon - Satellite Radio pioneers yay!
Whitmore my former CBC Colleague
Jesse Ohtake from The Cyberkrib
Lisa Julien from The Chakra Spa
The bouncer from The Laurentian Room
and many more...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


PORTIA oh no! .

Sigh, what can I say...a name change may be eminent as the keeper of my hopes and dreams for JA has clearly bumped her head. More to come - off to the Phoenix to see Goapele and Floetry.

Bon Nuit



Not exactly down tempo, just middle range for the sake of balance and all.

Definitely needing to reel it in regarding my search and not be too caught up in temp land and suffer from sidetrackeditis. It is lovely here SUPER duper lovely but I have a larger task at hand with respect to my career hunt so time to sprout back the talons I had before.

I was late today for 320 Bay and I so hated the Ossington Bus the entire way in but really, best to overshoot my time so I don't get trapped in Eglington West/Ossington/Oakwood gridlock. By 7:40, transit to take people anywhere workrelated legitimately slows down at that end anyways and no use having an irritated stomach about it!

I've got a meeting tomorrow another one on Monday both of which I am pretty excited about and I got another hot lead from one of my agency contacts. Ah, the joys of putting coals in the fire.

Meanwhile, I am going for another walk down to Harbourfront today at lunch. A good mushing to kickstart the cardio game. When will I join a gym - when??!!

So much news today. White House personnel drama, more of the Duke saga but as I race to post before blogger's scheduled outage in 14 mins, my fave is the dual deliveries in Hollyweird land that came across the wires last night. Baby Cruise was born last night as was Brooke Shield's daughter. Ah, I am holding out hope that the latter squishes the former in a battle of the babies grudge match!

meanwhile, some troubling news from the Alberta set:

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Up Tempo!

Could not be anymore infatuated w/ the world of temping on Bay Street at the moment. A client came to see one of the consultants here this morning and was raving about the office. The building itself is a historic site and this particular office has been so exquisitly preserved.

As a temp chicka, I have had occassion to work in a few places but most are all about modernity when it comes to ambience, decor. Not so for 320 Bay Street. And is it me or does everyone seem that much more friendly because of the retro vibrations throughout? Could be my imagination.

Well, upon waiting to go to Barristers yesterday, I had a past dating subject sighting - faaack! The big red firetruck was a bit much. In hindsight and in daylight, it seemed just a touch too loud. Apart from that, I am realizing that I have gotten far too comfy w/ the ritual of going for clinky drinkies after work. Barristers I realize has the same type of decor as the office here on Bay Street - lots of brass, the wood and that luxe green; gah, someone give me some britches, a cigar and a serving of port damnit!

Speaking of port, massive MASSIVE kudos to the daywear fashionistas in the district, I had to say hats off to a seasoned diva who was sporting some fabulous purple stilettos @ BCE place last week - the young gurls who spend @ Aldo just aren't ready!

Meanwhile this is just so wrong:
More later of course...

Friday, April 14, 2006


GOOD Friday

Gah - sooo much to update on, not a clue where to begin, so in true procrastination fashion, I am going to "save it for another time". Plus, my throat is completely soar again which makes me super duper cranky, grrr...

Good thing I am still loving and luxuriating in tempo land; good times 9-5 baby!

Massive "coincidental" sightings and "bump ins" this week. To the point where there really is no such thing as a coincidence.

Ok, ok, must finish my devlishly good pastry from Nova Era and sip this fine Kona coffee. Meanwhile, enjoy this lovely article I scooped from one of the UK papers during the week...

Also, I see that the roach brooches from ANTM have made some online catalogue and the NY Post.

Meanwhile, had to post a pic of another hot Nigerian actor. So in Hollywoodland, thanks to Spike Lee, Chiwetel plays opposite Denzel in INSIDE MAN, however, the UK has him in a Wesley Snipes/Dave Chappelle moment in a lead as a drag queen in Kinky Boots.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Yay, LOTS of good times...

From Bump n' Hustle to The Chakra Spa...

Ah but some folks met a terrible demise this weekend. Not to grovel in bad news or participate in the rabid spreading of it but this does seem pretty shocking, even for the motocycle set... .

Meanwhile, had to share the pic of Robert the Monster Rabbit who is raising cane in the UK. Is it mean or does he have 5 fingers, like big manly, trucker type fingers...

***N.B. bunny pic is a bust, blogger keeps konking out on me when I try to post it, for the 4th time already!!!!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Heavy Tunde


Just came from a preview for the new "Mo'Nique" film, PHAT GIRLZ. Yes, it was as a movie viewer the lowest of low quality - ouch...but, so interesting that the male leads were all Haitian and African. Well, Jimmy Jean-Louis born Haitian, raised in Paris, Godfrey, born in Nigeria, raised in Chi-town and then Dayo Ade from DEGRASSI, hellooooo as the third fellah. Ah, so much better than squirming through what I could of How Stella Got Her Groove Back with that ridic Taye Diggs playing Winston - that accent! my ears! my ears!

I actually found that Tunde cat highly hot and now have a huge headache because of it - thanks Mo'Nique, thanks A LOT, grrrr...

A gorgeous day in the tdot today, mother nature spoiled us. Another good day on the tempo front as well though the homeless brother @ Adelaide & Bay, the one with the blue underwear on his head was really grinding on my nerves today...ok, and am also concerned at the news that Trump towers is going up across the road from my current placement. I so love the old school of it all and the view/sunshine is infectious. Soon to be completely blotted out by the king of NYC Real Estate's skyscraper, sigh...

Well, on the good foot, guess what? Tomorrow's Friday - yeeeeehaaaaaaah...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


My eyes!!!!!! My eyes!!!!!!!!


Must start out on a good note, weeeeeeee!!! When I retired for the evening yesterday, my thoughts were, pish posh, after 2 consecutive days of the 8am calls to converge on tempo land, I was going to take today to stay in and sort out this whole search sitch. I had a great meeting in the st. lawrence area last night but there are some issues that I have to consider re: compensation should I decide to pursue this opportunity. Hmmm, how to eat w/ the massive reduction in loonies per annum?

Well, the phone rang this morning and I let it v/mail but then I picked up and got my bootay to the gig. By midday, I had an assignment through until the 28th of this month. I am so grateful. I'll be using this as a chance to continue looking and further balance my time, etc. BTW, a great company - the cushiest thus far, I feel like a plushed out secretary with the lay of the land, hee...

Now the ranting and raving. The film "Honey" is on city tv this evening. I had to turn it off, frack! Bare with me, there is a tie in that sweeps across Kardi's comments about the Junos and the irony of a "spotlight" on MMM re: the Black Eyed Peas[frack! frack!].

My boss lady pal from Reach Records has crowned Kardi her new hero and I have to concur wholeheartedly re: his remarks about the dis factor for black music[call a spade a spade, am listening to DJ Edu on 1xtra right now, hiiiiiiii] @ the Junos , sadly, Chart Attack needs to check their photo gallery, that photo of Kardi looks a lot like Ro Dollah, c'mon!!!!! I can even see Solitaire in the background.
**Sidebar, did I ever talk about the time I had to go through the trouble of becoming a loggable user just to tell the folks @ IMDB that the photo of Djimon Hounsou was actually Michael Clarke Duncan? Fraaaack! I think it took 2 days to get fixed...

Ok, so I'm watching Honey which is a fictionalization/dramatization of the life of the choreographer gal from the West end who blew up thanks to her kewl moves. Why is Jessica Alba playing that role? Anthony Sherwood and Lonette McGee are her parents. Why is the "Lil X, Mr. X" character played by sigh, an actor by the name of David Moscow. He does not look like any video director who I've seen featured on "access granted" thank you. Ooph, a sign of hope from the IMDB, apparently Aaliyah was supposed to play the Honey role[at least Alba wasn't the first choice], may she rest in peace.

As if my eyes weren't burning enough from city tv, their cousin M3 had a profile of the BEP - curses to them for being the big urban build up @ the Junos this year - hopefully Esthero wasn't in the house. But really, how many albums has the group put out and just what addition to the group precipitated their current pop chart/smash hit success? I have one thing to say, wild orchid boys, wild orchid...sigh, sniffle.

Monday, April 03, 2006


I DO Like Mondays...

The first Monday in April 2006 got off on the good foot, super rainy this morning and was supposed to be all day but massive sun interval midday - sweet...

Was in tempo land again today, a certain electrical company that has a heavyweight real estate division. All cool, nice peeps and as usual, lots of cuties, good to flex the flirtie muscles, including the fedex brotherman - WHY was he not the CEO though, WHYEEEE ???? :)

Ummm, what else - oh, yesterday's pasta dish from Everyday Italian was a bit of a disappointment, definitely overrated and a bit plain. I even added roasted garlic but still low sparks. Wait till I drop some yummy lamb on all for Easter, woo-hoo...

I hear tonight is the final game of March Madness/Final Four/NCAA B-Ball action, should be interesting...

Read some great articles on, re: work overseas, etc. As soon as I figure out how to "edit html", I will get those up as well as regular recipe developments...

btw, the nekked grampa gnome; I was reading an article on de speigel about racism in European football, and how a Nigerian chap who plays for a German team was attacked and this gnome article which was on the left kept distracting me.

Hmmm, suddenly very slow as I am typing - is it prime blog time? Later

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Tim Horton's Whaaaa???

Humph, today's incident was a blight on an otherwise completely beautiful day in the tdot; titch titch...of course, a major source of angst for me, the curse of completely useless Sunday news, is all about us, so no idea what really happened. Yes, it is still early but the sketchy factor is so annoying, sigh.

Here's hoping the early electrical fire story was the reason for the casualty, ick...I mean the place is on my path to the reference library for heaven's sake!

Am off to check blogland for some insight into the matter, stay tuned!

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturdaaaay


Yesterday was a fantastic day. One simple thing happened - I had a random sighting of one of my nephews on the subway when I was out running errands! Ah, I so love that. Such a great kid.

Well, got some leads to follow up with and of course, must prep for my meeting on Tuesday but otherwise, this wknd is all about the family b-day bashment in Thornhill tomorrow. I am going to try out a pasta dish that I saw the toothy chick making on Every Day Italian. I'll let you know how it goes.

Meanwhile, from gossip town, Kimora Lee Simmons and Russell Simmons have announced that they are splitting up. Baby Phat and Phat Farm are a house divided, sigh. Does that mean that RS will stop wearing baseball caps to formal events now? We can only hope...

***N.B. MASSIVE muchos gracias to my fellow blogger peeps who have dropped by and posted comments woo-hoo!

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