Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Up Tempo!

Could not be anymore infatuated w/ the world of temping on Bay Street at the moment. A client came to see one of the consultants here this morning and was raving about the office. The building itself is a historic site and this particular office has been so exquisitly preserved.

As a temp chicka, I have had occassion to work in a few places but most are all about modernity when it comes to ambience, decor. Not so for 320 Bay Street. And is it me or does everyone seem that much more friendly because of the retro vibrations throughout? Could be my imagination.

Well, upon waiting to go to Barristers yesterday, I had a past dating subject sighting - faaack! The big red firetruck was a bit much. In hindsight and in daylight, it seemed just a touch too loud. Apart from that, I am realizing that I have gotten far too comfy w/ the ritual of going for clinky drinkies after work. Barristers I realize has the same type of decor as the office here on Bay Street - lots of brass, the wood and that luxe green; gah, someone give me some britches, a cigar and a serving of port damnit!

Speaking of port, massive MASSIVE kudos to the daywear fashionistas in the district, I had to say hats off to a seasoned diva who was sporting some fabulous purple stilettos @ BCE place last week - the young gurls who spend @ Aldo just aren't ready!

Meanwhile this is just so wrong: http://www.komotv.com/stories/42986.htm
More later of course...

Was past dating subject a fireman! WAT! Hotness.
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