Thursday, April 20, 2006


Floet- On!

Ahhh, such a good show.

Got to the Phoenix minutes before the headliners hit the stage. I missed Goapele and Masia-One. Sadly, I heard from one of my compadres that the crowd had little love for Masia[typical Toronto, so typical; when will you change? gah!] and that Goapele rocked out. Also something to the effect that the latter may have been a bit high maintenance. Care to confirm anyone?

Anywho, Floetry were incredible and amazing. Good Lord! The show REALLY could have gone on all night and there were intense vibrations throughout their performance. The way that they have captured, mastered and articulated the combination of spoken word and vocal brilliance is most stunning and with all due respect to their studio/production team, the live show far outshines the typical CD -truly a 3 dimensional offering; maybe they could give us a live album.

I so enjoyed that "Floacist"[Natalie Stewart], the spoken word half of the group was clearly sporting the leader/musical director hat for the show. Not sure if this is always the case but as an avid spoken word devotee, so nice to see that element far in front.

For some reason, I was remiss in how sensual their lyrics are - "Floacist's" reference to not being responsible for child support payments was quite a propos!

Kudos to REMG & the folks at that radio station for bringing a most excellent midweek gig to the Phoenix.

Dwayne Morgan back from Euro tour
DJ Sean Sax, and Simon - Satellite Radio pioneers yay!
Whitmore my former CBC Colleague
Jesse Ohtake from The Cyberkrib
Lisa Julien from The Chakra Spa
The bouncer from The Laurentian Room
and many more...

Sweet! annonymousness is sluethy, and reminiscent of secret agentry which is cool.

Why is it called a blog? was it invented by a Mr. Blog maybe?
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