Wednesday, April 19, 2006



Not exactly down tempo, just middle range for the sake of balance and all.

Definitely needing to reel it in regarding my search and not be too caught up in temp land and suffer from sidetrackeditis. It is lovely here SUPER duper lovely but I have a larger task at hand with respect to my career hunt so time to sprout back the talons I had before.

I was late today for 320 Bay and I so hated the Ossington Bus the entire way in but really, best to overshoot my time so I don't get trapped in Eglington West/Ossington/Oakwood gridlock. By 7:40, transit to take people anywhere workrelated legitimately slows down at that end anyways and no use having an irritated stomach about it!

I've got a meeting tomorrow another one on Monday both of which I am pretty excited about and I got another hot lead from one of my agency contacts. Ah, the joys of putting coals in the fire.

Meanwhile, I am going for another walk down to Harbourfront today at lunch. A good mushing to kickstart the cardio game. When will I join a gym - when??!!

So much news today. White House personnel drama, more of the Duke saga but as I race to post before blogger's scheduled outage in 14 mins, my fave is the dual deliveries in Hollyweird land that came across the wires last night. Baby Cruise was born last night as was Brooke Shield's daughter. Ah, I am holding out hope that the latter squishes the former in a battle of the babies grudge match!

meanwhile, some troubling news from the Alberta set:

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