Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Misuse of the "N" word

First Kevin Costner's red light massage, now this...Hollywood darling, my feeble countenance cannot abide this I.N.S.AN.I.T.Y. To suffer as I did, you must read till the very diabolical end of the article...Tom Cruise is looking REALLY normal right now, okay? Frack!

Oh! Oh! Dear God! Who the hell talks like that to their baby mother??? I hope she takes him for all he's wirth - although with his penchant for porn and strippers dressed as cheerleaders, I don't imagine there is much left.
I know eh? Daaamn does he sound LOCO or what? I only pray that Emilio did NOT abuse Paula A. when they were together. Didn't she have a wee breakdown when they split up?
Ugh. I think Paula is always mid-breakdown - know wot I mean?
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