Tuesday, May 30, 2006


TTC WHAAA??? STILL 96 degrees in the shade

The Day After...

That ttc union boss bastid can kiss my big toe. Gah, what a complete moron. On the upside of yesterday's rabid wildcat strike, I have a new crush on our Mayor - way to give it to 'em DM! Sweet...

Too hot for chit chat...had boffo wknd visit w/ cousin from NYC[as usual, hiii...] and looking fwd. to the big store opening on Thursday, not to mention all the 2 kewl for skool stuff on the water through until September but one week @ a time...

Oh! and the Jaynerator will be in town in a matter of days, sweet...

Oh! saw the latest x-men movie on the wknd -popcorn yes but Kelsey Grammer was suprisingly brilliant as "Beast". I have to admit, I had no idea who it was. Nice one...

Oh! Remind me to share my favourite new blog with you next time - very Patrick Bateman without the cannibalism and general serial killing...stay tuned

Thursday, May 25, 2006


So much! So Much!


Once again, so much to update but sadly too tired to write at length, pafetik! pafetik! TTC Union Boss strangeness, that radio host @ Cannes, Harbourfront Cash injection, great transit moments[I saw a giant today - no, not a really tall person, a GIANT, like 8 feet tall and hitting his head], tory press gallery drama, what the buddah in the national post this week re: Iran, elections in New Orleans and oh so much more...bonkers. bonkers i tell you. So bonkers my eyes are burning. ick...

more later -i promise this time.

Oh! As for my photo pic, is a travel mug from the "copco" collection designed by the one & only Karim Rashid. Since next Thursday is the grand opening on Queen street[Karim is an inspiration of one of the owners] and the sartorialist has a pic of KR, and with canadian photog George Whiteside on his blog, i thought it was somewhat appropriate...

Sunday, May 21, 2006



Did the week go?

Last week that is...lots going on, opening day for Timmie's is drawing frightfully closer, life @ the waterfront is FANtastic. I had a fix up go south and due to the weather, my hopes to check out Contact '06 and The Art of Jazz have gone south, so chilly, ick...

More later.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


A-whole, F*ckwit of the day...


Gunplay gone wrong children! THIS is so wrong...why someone, a growna**ed 62 year old man would be doing a Rambo on the fuzzy rodents in his 'hood is beyond me. Get a job or start volunteering already, ridic!

Bullet meant for squirrel hits boy's room
May 16, 2006. 01:00 AM
A Mississauga man who allegedly shot at a squirrel in his yard with a .22-calibre rifle and missed is facing charges after a stray bullet slammed into a neighbouring child's bedroom.
While no one was in the room at the time, Lisa Murphy said the incident could have killed or wounded her 11-year-old son Connor.
"It's a Saturday morning and kids tend to sleep late," she said yesterday, adding the bullet sailed over his bed, skipped off the ceiling and lodged itself in a wall. "Thank God nobody was hurt."
Murphy was at home on Arvida Circle, near Winston Churchill Blvd. and Derry Rd., at about 9:30 a.m., when she heard a loud noise from the next room.
When she and her husband checked out the room together, they noticed a small hole in the wall. "You could tell — it looked like a little explosion and there were pieces of drywall sticking out," Murphy said.
Michael Joseph Popowich, 62, faces charges of careless use of a firearm, weapons dangerous, unauthorized possession of a firearm and careless storage of a firearm. He is to appear in court June 15.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Modders Daayyeee...

Ah, what fun...

I had heart pangs for sweet monster Caleb but otherwise, I truly fun fam day. Settin' in the back-a-yard, good grub, wacky stories and such. It was total shoestring budget gourmet but deelish and heart smart, save for the overcooked brownies.

Saturday's Leonard Cohen outting ROCKED out. "Vincybaby" and I met up @ Bay Station and whew if the road wasn't blocked off. Bay south to Charles, East to Yonge-ish. Funny, I spotted a lavalifer while waiting for Vincybaby, someone who's profile I saw but who never responded. I didn't get to see the date he was waiting for but surely she could not have been as cute as me, fwah fwah...

So, we saw Terrance from Prego/Barristers supporting the Barenekkid Ladies, listened to the Legendary Mr. Cohen read one of his new poems[goosebumps! I got goosebumps!] and the sweet sounds of singer Anjulie. During Anjulie's set, we hit Timmy's for some caramel turnover delight[gah, so good...] and then there was a downpour, so we settled in for a while chatting.

Next up was whole foods for dinner -yessssssss, I know is the 2nd time in a week but that macaroni and cheese is too good and they're open until 9pm, shut up okay?

Today was day 1 of countdown to harbourfront day. Phase one of indoor spring cleaning blitz to be continued manana with some scary closet purging.

Meanwhile, bedlam in news & current affairs - predictable but sad pipeline fire in Nigeria, possible massive international embarrassment with our environment minister[I always worry that these are the first time these tories have been on a plane as they are getting called up for delegation duties] and Haiti is on the verge of another nervour breakdown.

I confess to being somewhat entertained by the good PR/bad PR re: the upcoming release of "that movie" this week...

Meanwhile, tunes are hotter than ever on BBC - check out Gilles Peterson's special re: Brazil and "afro reggae" on Radio 1 this week - nice...

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Ah-ha!!!!!!!! Bilingual my EYE...

I knew it! I just KNEW it...

Too many people running for the leadership of the federal Liberal party already. I actually respect Belinda Stronarch for NOT putting her highly fashionable, twice-divorced hat in the ring. Hopefully this will help to cut some fat. Dr. Bennett, you're my MP and I love you but WHAT are you thinking???

Ok, headed to Leonard Cohen tribute @ Indigo on Bay...details to follow!!!

Six Liberal contenders don't pass as bilingual
From Saturday's Globe and Mail
Ottawa — By objective standards, more than half of the candidates for the leadership of the Liberal Party are not bilingual. By the candidates' own admissions, the winner must be.
Language has become an issue in the Liberal leadership campaign, a race with 10 anglophones and one francophone vying to lead a party that badly needs to rebuild in Quebec and views itself as the national-unity party that claims bilingualism as its brand.
Will the party of Wilfrid Laurier and official bilingualism, an institution whose own self-image rests partly on being a bridge between francophones and anglophones, concede the language terrain?

Only five of the 11 candidates now running for the Liberal leadership were given passing grades when rated by University of Ottawa professor Hélène Knoerr. Bob Rae topped the list, followed closely by Michael Ignatieff, but Stéphane Dion (who was tested on his English fluency), Joe Volpe and Martha Hall Findlay also made the grade.
“The others were varying degrees of catastrophes,” Prof. Knoerr said.
The Liberal leadership campaign has been sensitive about bilingualism: Two MPs who support Joe Volpe called a reporter when their candidate was not included in a mention of three MPs who speak “top-notch French.” Scott Brison has complained that his French is better than people say. So has Carolyn Bennett, who says her French needs work, but that she is acceptably bilingual.
“I've got news for her,” Prof. Knoerr said. Ms. Bennett's second-language skills rated last of the 10 who felt able to complete the interview, because her errors in vocabulary, grammar and syntax were enough that a francophone listener would have a hard time following.
Still, all 10 agreed that bilingualism is important. Those who are less proficient argued that perfection is not necessary — just being able to get a point across — and most argued they will be good enough to beat Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe in a French-language debate when the time comes.
Ken Dryden, whose French was rated as weak, argued that speaking the language is important, but that understanding Quebec and its culture is more crucial: “The language is only an instrument,” he said.
Only Vancouver MP Hedy Fry, who did not complete the French interview, said it's not necessary for the next leader to be bilingual. Although she insisted on switching to English after struggling to answer two French questions, she insisted that she has a foundation in the language, and will be bilingual by the Dec. 2 leadership vote.
The five other candidates who completed the interview — Maurizio Bevilacqua, Gerard Kennedy, Mr. Brison, Mr. Dryden and Ms. Bennett — all rated below the level for bilingual certification.
Mr. Bevilacqua was not terrible, rated at 2–, but made mistakes in grammar, vocabulary and language structure. “You have to make an effort to follow him,” Prof. Knoerr said.
Mr. Kennedy, who garnered the same rating, made fewer grammatical and syntax errors, but had a “very limited” vocabulary, and spoke in a halting manner. The good news is that he has a base to build on, and vocabulary can be learned more quickly than language structure, so Prof. Knoerr judged him most likely to be able to improve.
Mr. Brison, meanwhile, has already improved — so much so that former MP Françoise Boivin said she counted him out of the race only a month or two ago and now thinks he might be able to improve enough. But Prof. Knoerr expressed doubt, rated him a 1+ because, even though he understands French well and displays confidence when he speaks, he made a lot of vocabulary and grammatical mistakes.
“He has an accent that really could be cut with a knife,” she said.
Mr. Dryden, meanwhile, rated only a 1, despite his nine famous years in Montreal as goaltender for the Canadiens hockey team. His hesitating style in English is amplified in French, making it hard to follow. “He eventually succeeds in getting his message across, but only because he uses such simple structure that a two-year-old child could do the same,” Prof. Knoerr said. “He's constantly searching for words.”
Ms. Bennett, meanwhile, rates the lowest — not counting Ms. Fry — because even though she understands the language, her vocabulary, structure and grammar are all very flawed.
“She requires the most effort to follow,” Prof. Knoerr said. “A francophone would last about 15 seconds listening to her.”

Friday, May 12, 2006



Of the apolocalypse is clearly fast approaching...

WHAT WHAT WHAT is going on?? I consider the item below a death knoll for babysitters across the US. Hold fast that this does not penetrate the Canadian border. We'll get our own TV minutemen to stem the flow if necessary. That channel of our for tots, the one w/ that lil' red headed kid Daniel whatshisname is one thing but this just goes too far...

Televisions for babies - for the love of kong! Kick a fracking soccer ball in the park already damnit! Grrr...

CBC Arts

The first TV channel designed for babies debuted in the United States on Thursday, immediately drawing criticism from pediatricians who say young children shouldn't be watching TV at all.

BabyFirstTV is available via satellite from DirecTV at a cost of $9.99 US a month. It will not be available in Canada.

The channel is safe, commercial-free and has appropriate content for children under age two, said Sharon Rechter, BabyFirstTV's executive vice president for business development and marketing.

"This is the first channel dedicated to babies and their parents – transforming TV from its original purpose into a way for them to interact," she told the Associated Press.

Claim 'defies reason': doctor

But the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children younger than two should not watch television.

Dr. Michael Rich, an assistant professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School who studies the impact of the media on children's health, says it "defies reason" to suggest that television could help parents and babies interact.

"Television primarily is a medium that demands attention to the TV, not to other people in the room," he said in an interview with CBC Television.

Babies' brains cannot decode the two-dimensional image on a television screen, Rich said. Their brains are developing and they need a different kind of stimulation to help them grow, he added.

"They need interaction with other human beings and to manipulate their environment. They need to pick up the block or try to get the Cheerios into the mouth," he said.

But Rich said it was inevitable that broadcasters would identify babies as a market niche to be exploited.

"The baby video market has been growing exponentially over the past few years. It was only a matter of time before someone decided they could broadcast directly to them," he said.

Offers programs from baby DVDs

BabyFirstTV's content includes some programs from baby DVD companies, including Brainy Baby and First Impressions. It also has an agreement with Sterling Publishing, a Barnes & Noble subsidiary, to use children's books in a Story Time program.

A 2003 study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 68 per cent of children under two watch TV or videos daily and 26 per cent have a TV in their bedroom.

Rich said parents allow their very young children to watch television so they will be quiet and allow the adults to get things done.

"We are in love with TV in our culture and there is a sense that TV is benign," Rich said.

Rechter says the broadcaster cannot control how parents use the baby channel. However, if children under two are already watching, they ought to be viewing appropriate material, she said.

"If a baby is watching TV, let's put them in front of appropriate content," she said. "At the end of the day, parents make the decisions."

Spanish version in works

Rechter said BabyFirstTV will start with 250 hours of content, 80 per cent of it original. It plans to launch a Spanish-language channel by the end of the year.

The investors behind BabyFirstTV are:

  • Regency Enterprises, a film and TV production company that is a partner of Fox Entertainment.
  • Kardan N.V., an investment group based in the Netherlands and Israel.
  • Bellco Capital, a private Los Angeles-based investment fund.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006




For the next 3 months at least...I got the PR job @ Harbourfront Centre. Woo-hoo!

More later...

JA Firebrand

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Enough Already!!

Sheesh! Tuesday and its been a super duper full week already. How can this be? Yesterday morning, I found out that my 320 Bay tempo gig is finishing a week earlier than anticipated. As in this Friday is my last day. Drat.

Well, I wandered into panic mode, considering how neurotic I was about being a good egg on the chairperson's first day back, etc and proceeded to reach out to my other tempo contacts, etc. Meanwhile, I invu'd today @ an arts venue downtown. It is a summer only gig and the compensation is quite modest but it would be a power slap to my resume so we'll see. It went well - the one for the housing agency last week was good too but grueling.

Outside of the movie of my life, lots going on a la current affairs. Too much to list here, Cecilia Zhang verdict, Gerald Kennedy and the Tory beef, killer moths from Mississauga, shoot, even Britney Spears is pregger for her welfare inclined baby daddy. The world is mad and Whitney Houston is still a junky, sigh...

More later when I am less zonked...

Friday, May 05, 2006


THAT YELLOW EMERGENCY Strip in the Subway Car...

Sigh...I knew something was up when that guy walked between subway cars.

After not submitting my time cards over a three week period, I decided to be all proactive and use my lunch hour/mushing time to drop them up at tempo HQ in person. And, suffice to say, although inspired by one of the other admins here, I have been quite lucky with my lunch hour, time constrained errands. The downed systems @ the Credit Union on Tuesday for example were a close call.

Well, there I was, in pressed mode, because of course, I was waiting for more than 3 minutes[SHOCKING! SHOCKING!] for a train. It comes, we coast - great. But somewhere early in the ride, I notice this guy, super cool in his head, carrying an upside down, shortened tulip that was deep pink in colour. He's walking slow and intentionally down the length of the car, staring at something in the next car. I'm seated right beside the door that separates each car and he walks past me and into the last one. Everyone stares but I choose to ignore him. I'm thinking "great, you selfish a-hole, they'll probadly stop the train because you wanted to see your girlfriend and we'll all be delayed", fraaack!!!

The train continues thankfully without incident. However at Dundas, these two chaps, mildly disabled, get on. One stays standing and chats away, the other sits adjacent to me. The doors close, we take off and boom - the one adjacent to me goes horizontal, drops and has a full blown epileptic seizure. He slowly grazes my knees as he collapses and in a moment, I'm holding his head to keep him from smashing it on the subway floor, his body is writhing and thrashing; I raise him up a little, and I see that his lips are blueish and his eyes are lights out.

His friend is relatively calm, strong - telling us that yes, his compadre is epileptic, that the seizures come in "spells" of at several at a time. He's searching to make sure he hit the yellow strip to get emergency status on the train, tells us his name[I've since forgotten], that his pal left his meds at home, and that he doesn't have a medic alert bracelet. He also tells me that the two of them won't be going to the movies this afternoon after all . I remember now that although he hit the strip, I didn't hear it -like my ears were frozen somehow.

Other folks eventually step in, there are medically inclined passengers converging as well as TTC personnel. He is still in bad, bad shape, lots of writhing, not coherent, completely disengaged pupils, gosh. I can only imagine how exhausting one must feel afterwards. With the exception of one lady who asked WHAT DO I DO and with very little shrill, everyone is cool headed.

Needless to say, the northbound trains had come to a complete halt. I gave the subway personnel my info, had one last glance at the scene, noticing that the guy w/ the tulip was now among the onlookers and took my leave. The tempo HQ trek was a dud and I had to beat it back to 320 Bay. Even when I've returned to King Station there were still announcements of the northbound trains being delayed due to illness.

From the moment I changed trains up until writing now, I've had the strongest urge to burst into tears. Nothing happened to me, but it was such a jarring incident to have experienced so intimately. I've seen my share of seizures and at a young age, but this fellow's suffering seemed a lot more intense than I recall having previously witnessed.

He seemed to be in good hands when I left, I hope he is ok.

Thursday, May 04, 2006



And no, this is not anything related to the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., heh. I may have seen my first ever covered corpse this morning a la crime scene.

On my usual walk from Rogers to St. Clair southbound on Oakwood, at the sorta crunchy highrise @ the north east corner, the front porch area was sealed off with the poh-poh yellow tape and all. There was a cruiser parked up on the sidewalk and some sort of "object" on the ground which was covered in an orange tarpaulin.

So, if it was in fact a newly deceased, it was either a homicide or a suicide and may have been the result of a fall from one of the balconies. NOTHING on the news so far that I can see though, hmmm...maybe just a really massive pidgeon? I'll simply have to find out more.

Meanwhile, yesterday was a day of double blog pride, not only did I get my comment posted on the sartorialist's blog but my pal Jaynerator in Amsterdam gave me another mention in her blog re: the Clay Aiken article I sent to her.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Blog Pride

Listening to the entertainment news on BBC R1 right now. Eeek, I can't understand some of what they're saying!

In other news, woop woop! I have love from THE SARTORIALIST! Not only did he post a comment I made on his blog but I got TOP billing hurrah. No really - grate girl is ROCKING the f*ck out of a dress she bought @ H&M; one w/ those new skirt styles that is hot for '06 that she has matched with a vintage/tweed blazer, c'mon! TOTALLY cheap chic and totally NYC. I think I hate her.

A bit of tempo pride today too. Although I forgot to turn the lamps on this morning, faaack, I rocked the calling my contacts strategy in full. From a new lead garnered from a networking event last night and a rehash of my resume @ an arts org., I go into tomorrow's invu with two super promising voicemails to return, yay!

Thankfully, got the paperwork from my too late for words time cards so I'll have those processed tomorrow, phew! Not so cute how when I went to the CBC Credit Union to get a bandaid bite out of my old savings plan, the system was down. The heritage C.U. diva recognized me and scored me the cashola I needed. No idea how pressed I would have been if that didn't work out, ick.

Ok, had to turn off R1 ento news, TMI re: MI:3 - like we don't already have enough of that here - hey, cruz boy! go hang w/ your baby mama already damnit! Gilles Peterson Worldwide, sweet...

***fyi, my 2nd fave "things NYC" blogger out there thus far is www.newyorkhack.blogspot.com ; she's a NYC yellow cab driver[she's on vacay in LA @ the moment...]I was fully reading her blog before fashion guy stole my heart...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Reality Tempo

With full "printemp" verve, Bay street's fashionistas are in full bloom this week. I've seen additional power footwear on the ladies and the tailored suit gentlemen are out in deep phalanx. My eyes have rested upon the very finest Tdot has to offer in South Asian male uber banker under 35, hunky Robert Redfordesque power lunchers and, Caribbean stunner turned stock whiz, to name but a few. Somebody get me some popcorn, the show is only just beginning!

And it is ever so nice out there, love love love it! After my meeting at Cramer Company in the Annex this afternoon, and a PR networking thing at Waterfall, I'll be running home to catch a smidgen of outdoor time, so that I can stare at my daffodil patch, sweet.

Meanwhile, cutting it super short in the bank account dept. I FORGOT to process my tempo land timesheets in due time and have a whopping single digit balance, in overdraft - fortunately, I only have to wait until Thurs/Friday and it will be in triplicate. Good thing too, I have the small matter of 3 slightly overdue bills to pay, not to mention brunch plans @ Maggie's on Sunday.

Thankful, supergrateful to be extended here but the reality bite dictates that it is now is time to resume permanent searches full scale. Now that the busy season is over w/ my temp placement tasks, there is a dire threat of thumb twiddling.

Definitely eyes wide open though. Templand culture is an interesting source for lessons in survival; very Wall Street, very American Psycho. The fervour with which temp players cold call to score new business and tread not so softly on the competiton, is near admirable and reminds me of human prevail over survival; clubs, caves, fire and all. For my part, I think I've learned how to make that process work for me to score consecutive gigs over a short span of time - thankfully, I've had some good teachers!

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