Wednesday, April 05, 2006


My eyes!!!!!! My eyes!!!!!!!!


Must start out on a good note, weeeeeeee!!! When I retired for the evening yesterday, my thoughts were, pish posh, after 2 consecutive days of the 8am calls to converge on tempo land, I was going to take today to stay in and sort out this whole search sitch. I had a great meeting in the st. lawrence area last night but there are some issues that I have to consider re: compensation should I decide to pursue this opportunity. Hmmm, how to eat w/ the massive reduction in loonies per annum?

Well, the phone rang this morning and I let it v/mail but then I picked up and got my bootay to the gig. By midday, I had an assignment through until the 28th of this month. I am so grateful. I'll be using this as a chance to continue looking and further balance my time, etc. BTW, a great company - the cushiest thus far, I feel like a plushed out secretary with the lay of the land, hee...

Now the ranting and raving. The film "Honey" is on city tv this evening. I had to turn it off, frack! Bare with me, there is a tie in that sweeps across Kardi's comments about the Junos and the irony of a "spotlight" on MMM re: the Black Eyed Peas[frack! frack!].

My boss lady pal from Reach Records has crowned Kardi her new hero and I have to concur wholeheartedly re: his remarks about the dis factor for black music[call a spade a spade, am listening to DJ Edu on 1xtra right now, hiiiiiiii] @ the Junos , sadly, Chart Attack needs to check their photo gallery, that photo of Kardi looks a lot like Ro Dollah, c'mon!!!!! I can even see Solitaire in the background.
**Sidebar, did I ever talk about the time I had to go through the trouble of becoming a loggable user just to tell the folks @ IMDB that the photo of Djimon Hounsou was actually Michael Clarke Duncan? Fraaaack! I think it took 2 days to get fixed...

Ok, so I'm watching Honey which is a fictionalization/dramatization of the life of the choreographer gal from the West end who blew up thanks to her kewl moves. Why is Jessica Alba playing that role? Anthony Sherwood and Lonette McGee are her parents. Why is the "Lil X, Mr. X" character played by sigh, an actor by the name of David Moscow. He does not look like any video director who I've seen featured on "access granted" thank you. Ooph, a sign of hope from the IMDB, apparently Aaliyah was supposed to play the Honey role[at least Alba wasn't the first choice], may she rest in peace.

As if my eyes weren't burning enough from city tv, their cousin M3 had a profile of the BEP - curses to them for being the big urban build up @ the Junos this year - hopefully Esthero wasn't in the house. But really, how many albums has the group put out and just what addition to the group precipitated their current pop chart/smash hit success? I have one thing to say, wild orchid boys, wild orchid...sigh, sniffle.

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