Sunday, April 23, 2006


Paying Respects...

Interesting universe, these blogs of ours. Not sure how, but I got "hooked up" with Care Pages, an online health/medical update site with a page for a former colleague and the mom of a former colleague, Brooke Forbes.

Her son turned the carepage sitch into a blog and there I watched and read as his mom eventually succumbed to cancer. Such a surreal experience finding out that way. As my nephew, with a pinched face said "that's weird"...indeed. I was listening to Steve Wright, Sunday Love Songs on BBC 2, a song by the Chi-lites was playing and I just burst into tears as I read the news in a final post. If I had been listening to "The Sunday Edition" as I usually do and had not headed to North York for dad's Sickle Cell info session, perhaps I would have found out that way? Alas, I was out the door before the show started.

Hmmm, well a definite "stay in" wknd wasn't it? Rainy, chilly, grey, ick. I rented 2 flix. "Shop girl" and Domino. The first was suprisingly good and Domino was unwatchably bad. May she rest in peace but the movie tag should of have been "my name is Domino and I need you to pay attention to me". Shaaaaddup!

I have to admit, I picked it up cuz the Ramirez guy looked like suitable eye candy and Macy Gray, Mo'nique and Delroy Lindo were in it. Also, since "Sin City", so loving Mickey Rourke all over again. Too bad the "star of the movie" has such a big head and chain smoked or chewed gum to "look cool", the cinematographic and plot based rip offs of Pulp Fiction were too much to bear. I enjoyed the blond guy from 90210 in it though, UNDERUSED!

Dad's brunch was a hit and was so good to finally do some power laundry last night. Meanwhile time to power down as I have to take a big bite out of the next week re: temp and perm. leads, invus., etc...

Would this be Wendy Forbes sister?
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