Monday, February 19, 2007


ugh. eerk

I feel like I've sold out to the man or sommink. I signed on to the new blogger...with google account, etc. Waddup w/ that forced sign on stuff - talk to me blogosphere.

Meanwhile, had a gas contractor come by the house to read our C O 2 levels AT 9:30 THIS EVENING. OH HOW I HATE. And the headache and drowsiness that I'm experiencing now -is that PMS or some sort of vile carbon monoxide meter reading backlash??

Well, enough pollution from me...for now. I'll be too happy to bound to work in the morning I am sure.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Quickly! Quickly!

Ah yes, a zap post today - becoming a habit sadly.

The court thing - a full on waste of time, pity. But, a la out n' about yesterday, went to SUPERMARKET in Kensington last night w/ the boys. This was followed by 45 years of jamaican music, etc @ harbourfront, nice.

So! Supermarket. bless Cazack and Junior -honestly, they are full on dearhearts. I had an awesome time UNTIL I NEEDED TO USE THE LADIES ROOM. Dissssssgusting. Frigging abhorrent, nightmarish and disgusting.

A wet slippery floor, stalls flooded and well, full of the dirt of a thousand years and people puking at the sink. I am still shivering in horror a day later. Heavens

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