Sunday, September 24, 2006


Sunday Sunday

An easy peasy Sunday afternoon in the tdot. I am actually a wee bit shocked that it is 5:46 already - gah! Where did the day go? I've taken to doing some laundry, power cleaning and plan to head to the Drake a bit later but overall, it is not as much of a chillax day as I intended.

I must share that Sunday Edition was splendid this morning. A bit of IFOA Nigerian hoy-poloy, some Hoagy Carmichael Jr., sweet. I SHOULD be playing Monopoly with older nephew at the moment but have fears of getting creamed in front of younger nephew - must save face!

Meanwhile, doing lots of BBC Radio listening this wknd. Sadly, some of what I usually listen to is being cancelled, moved; weekends with Spoony, Trevor Nelson, etc., ah, Spoony is playing the album version of John Legend's "Ordinary People", sniffle, I seem to recall an in studio acoustic version that Trevor Nelson played on his show.

Oh and a sweet wknd highlight was a drive-by date that I had yesterday. A nice, neat experience. Ladies, you must do it at least once...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006



Having far too much fun for the week already - Monday was a colleague bbq thingie[I didn't get to score any butcher treats cuz I was on the go all wknd and had to suffice w/ loblaws], last night, well - our party ended up @ Jilly's; what can I say? And tonight is King Lear @ SoulPepper.

I've just submitted for vetting a great new article for my 80s blog so I'll keep you posted when it goes up. I was supposed to invu Howard Jones on Friday morning but that may not happen.

Thankfully nothing to rant about at length or ad nauseum today. ALTHOUGH! I really don't know why I bother to torture myself with the 512 when I am running late in the mornings. It is blood curdling to wait for it and a general waste of my precious energy getting upset, which I now always do, faaaaaaack!

More later.

Monday, September 18, 2006


More soap boxing

Feeling like I am going to be all angry a la politico situation for a bit. Of course I will just have to share every little gripe cuz I can't whinge in my head forever.

Maher Arar, deportation to Syria, torture - the whole thing. I tell you, when I hear that people can't carry lip gloss on airplanes and then think back to situations like this perilous experience, I get all heated and not in a good way or even a menopausal way - just HEATED. Ick.

The "lowlights" of O'Connor's report are particularly blood curdling. No good can come from this or from candy doling Canuck soldiers being blown to bits by suicide bicycle riders, double ick...

While I am ranting, waddup w/ the 19 year old breast baring teenager from the US who was bonding with Kimveer Gill on the net or the Italian nun in Africa who got blown away because of angst over Ratzinger's comments.

On the up side of things, good times in Tdot this wknd. Lots of wilin' out on Friday[came in @ 6am, hellooo], attended a sapphic packed 40th bday party on Saturday - no one asked me if I was there as a coming out - not that there's anything wrong with that[came in @ 2am, hiii!] and chilled in Thill on Sunday[missed a nephew visit, boo...]

Friday, September 15, 2006


WAIT a minute...

What EXACTLY did the Pope say? Gah...

Can anyone clarify?

Monday, September 11, 2006


C'mon already!

I just can't listen to that story about incident at the Delta Chelsea last night without absolutely bristling at the input from the person in the hotel room beside the fatalities. Why would one give any detail to the media about how they heard screams and a scuffle in the middle of the night but chose to go back to sleep. Nice. I'm not sure I'd be chatting about it to the local newspaper if it were me. I'm just sayin'...

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Give A Little Bit...

Ah, listening to Supertramp on Q107, what frigging year is it? Never mind, not a sweeter moment could be had right now.

Not much as am mushing at the moment but MUST get it off my chest that this whole kidnap dash to freedom gal needs to shut up, leave those sterile, vapid psychiatrists already and have a proper reunion w/ her family. Gaaaaads. So tired of hearing about the people in the white coats in Austria. Most reunion people rejoin their families and shut up about it already. Nice, glad she is safe, horrible yes but really - the Japanese gal who was gone forever, the American blah blah -they're too busy with their families, to be proded and poked by people in white coats with severe sounding names.

Ok - the Q is rocking out to Rush, gotta go...

Monday, September 04, 2006


September. Icky so far

No longer summer and not quite winter. I am fighting a cold and its a grody in between state, much like I imagine purgatory to be[and hopefully this is as close as I get, hellooo]. The fever is HOVERING. The post nasal drip that is bothering my throat won't exactly manifest but is HIGHLY irritating. I fade horribly at around 9pm but wake up whisteling dixie. Enough!

Ok - off to eat some fresh fruit - too bad if its almost 11pm. Desperate times call for desperate measures, then off to bed like a school girl, it being Labour Day and all.

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