Monday, April 24, 2006



Too much going on I tell you... Four noteworthy things happened today. The streetcar I was on en route home got hit by a cab, and at the spot on the streetcar that was closest to where I was seated. Next, I ran into Maureen Kennedy, while detouring post crash, and we took the bus home together. While on the bus, I had another one of my nephew sightings[shout out to his pal Azizah!]and he mentioned that his school was teargassed and that there was a bomb threat[now children, if anyone so much as touches a hair on his head, wow...LIGHTS OUT] effective tomorrow[is it exam time or sommink], but prior to all of this chaos, one of the admins @ my temp assignment got the boot today.

She just bought a house, has a toddler but its no income time for her sadly. Which leads to my last tidbit - I got extended until May 19th. The day took this strange turn in the afternoon. I am all about being on my Ps and Qs in poncy-land on 320 Bay and mid afternoon, all of a sudden, this strange, hobbit like man barges into the office. He was incoherent and just bizarre.

He asked to see one of our consultants, even though he was unscheduled, which by the way, many appointments seem to be these days[have to stop that, too chaotic]. Anywho, I called the admin of his intended who sent someone else out to pacify him. At that exact moment, when he was barking and just being bizarre in the reception area, the most difficult call that I have had all assignment long came in and wouldn't you know, it was for that SVP whom I have sooooooooo much trouble with. The caller was harping on about a deadline that had to met today with someone who was out on vacation and escalating her request to that person's boss[aka difficult SVP], yadda yadda; enough already!!

Going back there in my head right now, I was completely flustered and could not focus worth a lick with hobbit man in the background. Wouldn't you know, within minutes of my call being disengaged, although he was sputtering on about something else, he left as quickly as he blew in. Faaaaaaaack!!! Like he was just there to frack up my phone finesse; I'll get you Bilbo Baggins beelzebub!

Ok - on the phone w/ poh-poh now re: cab incident.


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