Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Bamako is coming!

Hurrah! Hurrah:

Over a year ago when I went to CMW w/ a client and on the coin of the non-profit that I was a board member for, one of the most defining moments of my attendance was thanks to the french consulate.

In total stick out like sore thumb mode, they had a full on booth with candies, CD and other chachkas. My mind was blown forever when I played the double CD of "french language music from around the world" and heard track #1: La Realite by Amadou & Mariam.

Now, June 28, 2006. I am working as a publicist at the venue hosting their Canadian debut and it is the cover story for Eye Weekly for the next seven days starting tomorrow. A cover that I facilitated and the employer's first cover for the summer - sweet. REALLY, really SWEET. I only hope I'll be ok for their performance on Sunday, haaa!!

Next source of artistic reverence - Regina Orozco, heavens be...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Me, Only Later & Better...

Oh footie, oh footie...

Just finished watching the repeat of the Brazil/Ghana match - MOST unfortunate a match indeed.

Also caught portions of Canada's Next top model - truly vomit inducing, cringe worthy and embarrassing. Cancel it - toot sweet!

Speaking of vomit inducing television, also caught portions of Zimbabwe: Shadows and Lies on PBS, crikey. What a completely different country it appears to be than the place I visited over 6 years ago. And the fragile anarchy that is spilling into South Africa with the migrant/refugee/exile situation, whew. I truly respect the people for whom their efforts is the over extended string that holds those countries together, scary.

I would really like to visit the South Africa again when it takes place there in 4 years, it would TRULY be a dream but there is cruelty in that thar chaos.

Speaking of cruelty, I would really like to put my foot up Angelina Jolie's a**. On Saturday night, I went to Motion's performance as part of Al St. Louis'/Heron Jones[hot by the way, hot] "When Poets Speak" event [what is the diff between that event and say a Dwayne Morgan gig - oh never mind...] and a lady got up to whinge about how people of colour are ghettoized in the NGO industry, how it is such a battle, etc.

Well, when I see AJ, on Anderson "you can kiss my ass too" Cooper going on about how "we" didn't really take notice to the plight of refugees until the situation in the Balkans when "people who looked like us were affected", I understand what the woman from Saturday means. What "we" is big lips talking about. And her crap about well, because I didn't know about refugees, then obviously there wasn't enough info in the world, blah blah - I just wanna cack. When is Brad Pitt gonna get sick of her already? Bloody ignoramus


Overdue! Overdue!

Yes, yes, that would be me.

I am endeavouring to write more frequently. Shameful really but my excuse is that I was on my water job learning curve. Ah, best to pledge writing regularly now as things are about to get completely nuts.

"The Schedule" launches in full on Saturday with Canada Day - whew! No stopping til Labour Day, hurrah hurrah.

In the meantime, what to update on? Footie firstly of course. I had such high hopes for Ghana but they were made into sausage links by Brazil, sigh...watched the repeat of the Australia/Italy game. Most heartbreaking. I think I saw tears in Neill from the Socceroos eyes after that penalty kick, eek.

On the matter of eek, the Portugal/Netherlands game the other night[ahem Jayne!], what bloodsport, omg!

Well more noise in the hood - not sure how further "porto" will go but the horn honking continues. Btw, the aussie team, the ones w/ that unfortunate nickname - I hate to admit it, but they have so far, the highest hottie quotient aside from the Ghanian team. Blame it on Chef Ramsay but the whole brutish crusty uber male thing is hot for days.

Ok, ok - must mush. It is a PR ghost town here but I do have a meeting this evening as I do for most evenings this week - getting in the way of my eating and bbq'ing at home - wtf?

More later...check sarto's blog - fabulous milano fashion, sweet!

Friday, June 23, 2006



US fodder - of course...

1) Miami Terror suspex arrested. Have you seen these guys? Sorry - not buying it, not for a minute. More bogusness, eesh...

2) Aaron Spelling died. Put your TVs on mute for a moment of silence, would you?

Had a good sighting on the TTC today - K. Hewak!

More. Later.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006




So late in the month and subsequently the summer and the year and my 30s...faaaaack, WHERE is this month going so fast already?

Lots to tell but when to tell? Is time for me to put my chynee bumps in my hair[my new ritual, have decided to grow it for summer 2006 and postpone regular cutting for the fall] and get to sleep already.

I've given no soccer updates, none re: 9-5 life on the water[first successful event this wknd, hurrah!], Jayne's visit[pool partaay in Scarberia, nice!], etc...not to mention the continued gonzo goings on a la public transit[hows that plummeting ridership empathy workin' for ya?!], news of the world[Korea, waddup?] and other bonkers events.

But I will share with you before I leave this short post that I watched "The Dark Side" on PBS tonight. Can you say f*cking brilliant? OMG...

Oh - before I forget, went to swanky media preview of the new opera house - the four seasons centre, sweet...

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Zyieday! Zyieday!

My made up word...

It is 11pmish and I just had a visit from my new personal seamstress, a former Spanish fashion designer. Well, now she is a recently emigrated ex-pat Spanish artist and stylist; HOT.

Too tired for full details but what of the insanity of the world, Creba shooting arrests AND IN MY NEIGHBOURHOOD, FAAAAAAAAACK, Jorge Bush crash landing in Iraq, Jaynerator in Boston, a certain pair of store owners who are in Germany spectating at some game w/ a black & white ball, speaking of which, damn you world cup, damn you and my peace & quiet, eek...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


The Illusive Pastry


As if it isn't bad enough that the Tim Horton's on Queen's Quay doesn't carry caramel turnovers[MUST talk to them about that crime...] but my continued efforts to score the divine strawberry tarts or even the blooming 1/2 dipped mini butterfly flaky cookies remains futile. Enough! As if I am not going to call Timmie's and complain about turnover-gate! Just you watch me! I may not be an investor but I've bought enough java there that I may as well be one, c'mon! I MUST have my pasty fix...ggrr...

And by the way, this here read is enough to take me over the edge, my current mood considered. Thank HEAVEN I am listening to "You can get it if you really want..." on Radio Jamaica, whew... ;

And now this...ain't it rich, some dude named Joseph Vento, aka Guiseppe Ventonito a generation ago IF THAT discriminating against Mexican immigrants, give me f*cking strength...

Monday, June 05, 2006


Bonkers...just BONKERS...

Ah - where to begin?

The opening of Timmie's store, Timmie's target market sightings, Fashion Cares, swimming @ Guildwood w/ the dutch, the launch this evening, the 2 minute ad biz boyfriend from Newfoundland, roses from the hummingbird, I mean really...its just too much. Thank HEAVEN there are no events for me to attend tomorrow evening. I've even missed the finale for the apprentice, wtf??


Saturday, June 03, 2006



Not buying this whole panick in the streets terrorism sweep thing this morning. Sorry. Who in 2006 orders random, massive amounts of ammonium nitrite and doesn't consider the consequences, ridic...

We can only HOPE AND PRAY that this does not domino into even more profiling, stronger alliances to the culture of homeland & border security bedlam and of course, crapped out tourism activity.

This live conference was breaking news on CNN, under the caption "terrorism sweep" full with the blazing red graphics; my stomach feels a bit conspiracy bone is a-twitter with thoughts of how this better not be some hillbilly smokescreen to justify the Canuck presence in Afganistan, where our soldiers are being served up like sausages.

Friday, June 02, 2006



Not feeling too much of that right now myself and don't intend to as a most rockin' wknd is ahead and I've just downed an even groovier week. Hurrah and more hurrah. Listening to MIS(mexican institute of sound) at the moment, just finished Seu Jorge and am cutting out early which means I'll have to miss the folks from Muhtadi drumming...and, since am heading straight home due to a wardrobe malfunction with my shoes, I can't sneak peak fashion cares and will have to wait until tomorrow @ noon.

Jody Watley, Jennifer Holliday and more, whew!

More later - off to do some cleaning at home but at some point I'll have to tell share details the store opening last night. It was so successful that the night ended w/ a bottle of crystale and my missing an outting @ Barristers, shocking...

Weltschmerz - the word that slay the canuck gal during the big spelling bee. Is a type of depression that people experience when they feel world sorrow or sadness for the world in an manner that causes personal oppression. Smile damnit! Jaja pipi...

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