Sunday, April 02, 2006


Tim Horton's Whaaaa???

Humph, today's incident was a blight on an otherwise completely beautiful day in the tdot; titch titch...of course, a major source of angst for me, the curse of completely useless Sunday news, is all about us, so no idea what really happened. Yes, it is still early but the sketchy factor is so annoying, sigh.

Here's hoping the early electrical fire story was the reason for the casualty, ick...I mean the place is on my path to the reference library for heaven's sake!

Am off to check blogland for some insight into the matter, stay tuned!

I don't get it...why would you pick a place like Tim Horton's to end your life? You lost your woman and your babies? So you take some gas with you to the local coffee shop and kaboom? This ain't making sense. Good thing I don't drink coffee but I love me some Horton's donuts. Poor guy...and yeah, it occurred to me that I have to pass that place on the way to my beloved reference library. I think I'll walk across the street from now on..
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