Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Overdue! Overdue!

Yes, yes, that would be me.

I am endeavouring to write more frequently. Shameful really but my excuse is that I was on my water job learning curve. Ah, best to pledge writing regularly now as things are about to get completely nuts.

"The Schedule" launches in full on Saturday with Canada Day - whew! No stopping til Labour Day, hurrah hurrah.

In the meantime, what to update on? Footie firstly of course. I had such high hopes for Ghana but they were made into sausage links by Brazil, sigh...watched the repeat of the Australia/Italy game. Most heartbreaking. I think I saw tears in Neill from the Socceroos eyes after that penalty kick, eek.

On the matter of eek, the Portugal/Netherlands game the other night[ahem Jayne!], what bloodsport, omg!

Well more noise in the hood - not sure how further "porto" will go but the horn honking continues. Btw, the aussie team, the ones w/ that unfortunate nickname - I hate to admit it, but they have so far, the highest hottie quotient aside from the Ghanian team. Blame it on Chef Ramsay but the whole brutish crusty uber male thing is hot for days.

Ok, ok - must mush. It is a PR ghost town here but I do have a meeting this evening as I do for most evenings this week - getting in the way of my eating and bbq'ing at home - wtf?

More later...check sarto's blog - fabulous milano fashion, sweet!

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