Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Me, Only Later & Better...

Oh footie, oh footie...

Just finished watching the repeat of the Brazil/Ghana match - MOST unfortunate a match indeed.

Also caught portions of Canada's Next top model - truly vomit inducing, cringe worthy and embarrassing. Cancel it - toot sweet!

Speaking of vomit inducing television, also caught portions of Zimbabwe: Shadows and Lies on PBS, crikey. What a completely different country it appears to be than the place I visited over 6 years ago. And the fragile anarchy that is spilling into South Africa with the migrant/refugee/exile situation, whew. I truly respect the people for whom their efforts is the over extended string that holds those countries together, scary.

I would really like to visit the South Africa again when it takes place there in 4 years, it would TRULY be a dream but there is cruelty in that thar chaos.

Speaking of cruelty, I would really like to put my foot up Angelina Jolie's a**. On Saturday night, I went to Motion's performance as part of Al St. Louis'/Heron Jones[hot by the way, hot] "When Poets Speak" event [what is the diff between that event and say a Dwayne Morgan gig - oh never mind...] and a lady got up to whinge about how people of colour are ghettoized in the NGO industry, how it is such a battle, etc.

Well, when I see AJ, on Anderson "you can kiss my ass too" Cooper going on about how "we" didn't really take notice to the plight of refugees until the situation in the Balkans when "people who looked like us were affected", I understand what the woman from Saturday means. What "we" is big lips talking about. And her crap about well, because I didn't know about refugees, then obviously there wasn't enough info in the world, blah blah - I just wanna cack. When is Brad Pitt gonna get sick of her already? Bloody ignoramus

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