Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Zyieday! Zyieday!

My made up word...

It is 11pmish and I just had a visit from my new personal seamstress, a former Spanish fashion designer. Well, now she is a recently emigrated ex-pat Spanish artist and stylist; HOT.

Too tired for full details but what of the insanity of the world, Creba shooting arrests AND IN MY NEIGHBOURHOOD, FAAAAAAAAACK, Jorge Bush crash landing in Iraq, Jaynerator in Boston, a certain pair of store owners who are in Germany spectating at some game w/ a black & white ball, speaking of which, damn you world cup, damn you and my peace & quiet, eek...

you're HILARIOUS! fwah fwah...how many soccer hooligans get arrested per square mile during this thing anyways? didja hear about the two people who got blown away in Asia? wtf?
yay! a posting from Power Buena, I enjoy...I enjoy...
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