Tuesday, June 20, 2006




So late in the month and subsequently the summer and the year and my 30s...faaaaack, WHERE is this month going so fast already?

Lots to tell but when to tell? Is time for me to put my chynee bumps in my hair[my new ritual, have decided to grow it for summer 2006 and postpone regular cutting for the fall] and get to sleep already.

I've given no soccer updates, none re: 9-5 life on the water[first successful event this wknd, hurrah!], Jayne's visit[pool partaay in Scarberia, nice!], etc...not to mention the continued gonzo goings on a la public transit[hows that plummeting ridership empathy workin' for ya?!], news of the world[Korea, waddup?] and other bonkers events.

But I will share with you before I leave this short post that I watched "The Dark Side" on PBS tonight. Can you say f*cking brilliant? OMG...

Oh - before I forget, went to swanky media preview of the new opera house - the four seasons centre, sweet...

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