Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Bamako is coming!

Hurrah! Hurrah:

Over a year ago when I went to CMW w/ a client and on the coin of the non-profit that I was a board member for, one of the most defining moments of my attendance was thanks to the french consulate.

In total stick out like sore thumb mode, they had a full on booth with candies, CD and other chachkas. My mind was blown forever when I played the double CD of "french language music from around the world" and heard track #1: La Realite by Amadou & Mariam.

Now, June 28, 2006. I am working as a publicist at the venue hosting their Canadian debut and it is the cover story for Eye Weekly for the next seven days starting tomorrow. A cover that I facilitated and the employer's first cover for the summer - sweet. REALLY, really SWEET. I only hope I'll be ok for their performance on Sunday, haaa!!

Next source of artistic reverence - Regina Orozco, heavens be...

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