Tuesday, June 06, 2006


The Illusive Pastry


As if it isn't bad enough that the Tim Horton's on Queen's Quay doesn't carry caramel turnovers[MUST talk to them about that crime...] but my continued efforts to score the divine strawberry tarts or even the blooming 1/2 dipped mini butterfly flaky cookies remains futile. Enough! As if I am not going to call Timmie's and complain about turnover-gate! Just you watch me! I may not be an investor but I've bought enough java there that I may as well be one, c'mon! I MUST have my pasty fix...ggrr...

And by the way, this here read is enough to take me over the edge, my current mood considered. Thank HEAVEN I am listening to "You can get it if you really want..." on Radio Jamaica, whew...

http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/N06389930.htm ;

And now this...ain't it rich, some dude named Joseph Vento, aka Guiseppe Ventonito a generation ago IF THAT discriminating against Mexican immigrants, give me f*cking strength...


Hey Wenners,

Just had to say how fabu you looked at MPs party on Sunday! What a breath of sweet summa air! I swear you should have been featured on The Satorialist.

Luv ya

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