Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Enough Already!!

Sheesh! Tuesday and its been a super duper full week already. How can this be? Yesterday morning, I found out that my 320 Bay tempo gig is finishing a week earlier than anticipated. As in this Friday is my last day. Drat.

Well, I wandered into panic mode, considering how neurotic I was about being a good egg on the chairperson's first day back, etc and proceeded to reach out to my other tempo contacts, etc. Meanwhile, I invu'd today @ an arts venue downtown. It is a summer only gig and the compensation is quite modest but it would be a power slap to my resume so we'll see. It went well - the one for the housing agency last week was good too but grueling.

Outside of the movie of my life, lots going on a la current affairs. Too much to list here, Cecilia Zhang verdict, Gerald Kennedy and the Tory beef, killer moths from Mississauga, shoot, even Britney Spears is pregger for her welfare inclined baby daddy. The world is mad and Whitney Houston is still a junky, sigh...

More later when I am less zonked...

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