Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Reality Tempo

With full "printemp" verve, Bay street's fashionistas are in full bloom this week. I've seen additional power footwear on the ladies and the tailored suit gentlemen are out in deep phalanx. My eyes have rested upon the very finest Tdot has to offer in South Asian male uber banker under 35, hunky Robert Redfordesque power lunchers and, Caribbean stunner turned stock whiz, to name but a few. Somebody get me some popcorn, the show is only just beginning!

And it is ever so nice out there, love love love it! After my meeting at Cramer Company in the Annex this afternoon, and a PR networking thing at Waterfall, I'll be running home to catch a smidgen of outdoor time, so that I can stare at my daffodil patch, sweet.

Meanwhile, cutting it super short in the bank account dept. I FORGOT to process my tempo land timesheets in due time and have a whopping single digit balance, in overdraft - fortunately, I only have to wait until Thurs/Friday and it will be in triplicate. Good thing too, I have the small matter of 3 slightly overdue bills to pay, not to mention brunch plans @ Maggie's on Sunday.

Thankful, supergrateful to be extended here but the reality bite dictates that it is now is time to resume permanent searches full scale. Now that the busy season is over w/ my temp placement tasks, there is a dire threat of thumb twiddling.

Definitely eyes wide open though. Templand culture is an interesting source for lessons in survival; very Wall Street, very American Psycho. The fervour with which temp players cold call to score new business and tread not so softly on the competiton, is near admirable and reminds me of human prevail over survival; clubs, caves, fire and all. For my part, I think I've learned how to make that process work for me to score consecutive gigs over a short span of time - thankfully, I've had some good teachers!

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