Wednesday, May 10, 2006




For the next 3 months at least...I got the PR job @ Harbourfront Centre. Woo-hoo!

More later...

JA Firebrand

Woo hoo! This is awesome Wenners! Congrats. And how awesome will it be to be by the water for the summer. Lucky dawg.
Dude, you're TOO kind. Hee, yar - I have all appendages crossed and did a dance re: the weather...The water will be a perfect elixir to any humidity - I can't say you'd get me out there in the wintertime tho'. :o
Congrats to you dahling! So glad to hear the news when you told me yesterday. Looking forward to all those fun events down by the water....just absolutely LOVE the water! Lucky girl. All the best in this new gig. Now I can say over cocktails and smoked salmon canapes," Wendy who? Wendy Vincent? Oh yes,of course, she's a good friend of mine. You know, the PUB-LI-CIST for Harbourfront." Ha ha ha...oooo yeah, it'll be real nice to say those words. Wait, aren't we supposed to have drinks to celebrate this? And don't tell me you already did at the Hilton on Friday, Firebrand. How could you leave me out? Wail...sob...weep...sigh...sob...wail....

easy there VincyBaby - the drinkie winkies @ Barristers on Friday were not THE official celebration, helloooo...I think I am going to hold a "1st paycheck" outing...what say you?????? :)
You'd better have a 1st paycheque celebratory drink fest. I'll be there to make a toast. Ahhh..I feel much better.
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