Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Blog Pride

Listening to the entertainment news on BBC R1 right now. Eeek, I can't understand some of what they're saying!

In other news, woop woop! I have love from THE SARTORIALIST! Not only did he post a comment I made on his blog but I got TOP billing hurrah. No really - grate girl is ROCKING the f*ck out of a dress she bought @ H&M; one w/ those new skirt styles that is hot for '06 that she has matched with a vintage/tweed blazer, c'mon! TOTALLY cheap chic and totally NYC. I think I hate her.

A bit of tempo pride today too. Although I forgot to turn the lamps on this morning, faaack, I rocked the calling my contacts strategy in full. From a new lead garnered from a networking event last night and a rehash of my resume @ an arts org., I go into tomorrow's invu with two super promising voicemails to return, yay!

Thankfully, got the paperwork from my too late for words time cards so I'll have those processed tomorrow, phew! Not so cute how when I went to the CBC Credit Union to get a bandaid bite out of my old savings plan, the system was down. The heritage C.U. diva recognized me and scored me the cashola I needed. No idea how pressed I would have been if that didn't work out, ick.

Ok, had to turn off R1 ento news, TMI re: MI:3 - like we don't already have enough of that here - hey, cruz boy! go hang w/ your baby mama already damnit! Gilles Peterson Worldwide, sweet...

***fyi, my 2nd fave "things NYC" blogger out there thus far is ; she's a NYC yellow cab driver[she's on vacay in LA @ the moment...]I was fully reading her blog before fashion guy stole my heart...

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