Thursday, May 04, 2006



And no, this is not anything related to the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., heh. I may have seen my first ever covered corpse this morning a la crime scene.

On my usual walk from Rogers to St. Clair southbound on Oakwood, at the sorta crunchy highrise @ the north east corner, the front porch area was sealed off with the poh-poh yellow tape and all. There was a cruiser parked up on the sidewalk and some sort of "object" on the ground which was covered in an orange tarpaulin.

So, if it was in fact a newly deceased, it was either a homicide or a suicide and may have been the result of a fall from one of the balconies. NOTHING on the news so far that I can see though, hmmm...maybe just a really massive pidgeon? I'll simply have to find out more.

Meanwhile, yesterday was a day of double blog pride, not only did I get my comment posted on the sartorialist's blog but my pal Jaynerator in Amsterdam gave me another mention in her blog re: the Clay Aiken article I sent to her.

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