Wednesday, September 20, 2006



Having far too much fun for the week already - Monday was a colleague bbq thingie[I didn't get to score any butcher treats cuz I was on the go all wknd and had to suffice w/ loblaws], last night, well - our party ended up @ Jilly's; what can I say? And tonight is King Lear @ SoulPepper.

I've just submitted for vetting a great new article for my 80s blog so I'll keep you posted when it goes up. I was supposed to invu Howard Jones on Friday morning but that may not happen.

Thankfully nothing to rant about at length or ad nauseum today. ALTHOUGH! I really don't know why I bother to torture myself with the 512 when I am running late in the mornings. It is blood curdling to wait for it and a general waste of my precious energy getting upset, which I now always do, faaaaaaack!

More later.

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