Monday, September 18, 2006


More soap boxing

Feeling like I am going to be all angry a la politico situation for a bit. Of course I will just have to share every little gripe cuz I can't whinge in my head forever.

Maher Arar, deportation to Syria, torture - the whole thing. I tell you, when I hear that people can't carry lip gloss on airplanes and then think back to situations like this perilous experience, I get all heated and not in a good way or even a menopausal way - just HEATED. Ick.

The "lowlights" of O'Connor's report are particularly blood curdling. No good can come from this or from candy doling Canuck soldiers being blown to bits by suicide bicycle riders, double ick...

While I am ranting, waddup w/ the 19 year old breast baring teenager from the US who was bonding with Kimveer Gill on the net or the Italian nun in Africa who got blown away because of angst over Ratzinger's comments.

On the up side of things, good times in Tdot this wknd. Lots of wilin' out on Friday[came in @ 6am, hellooo], attended a sapphic packed 40th bday party on Saturday - no one asked me if I was there as a coming out - not that there's anything wrong with that[came in @ 2am, hiii!] and chilled in Thill on Sunday[missed a nephew visit, boo...]

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