Sunday, September 24, 2006


Sunday Sunday

An easy peasy Sunday afternoon in the tdot. I am actually a wee bit shocked that it is 5:46 already - gah! Where did the day go? I've taken to doing some laundry, power cleaning and plan to head to the Drake a bit later but overall, it is not as much of a chillax day as I intended.

I must share that Sunday Edition was splendid this morning. A bit of IFOA Nigerian hoy-poloy, some Hoagy Carmichael Jr., sweet. I SHOULD be playing Monopoly with older nephew at the moment but have fears of getting creamed in front of younger nephew - must save face!

Meanwhile, doing lots of BBC Radio listening this wknd. Sadly, some of what I usually listen to is being cancelled, moved; weekends with Spoony, Trevor Nelson, etc., ah, Spoony is playing the album version of John Legend's "Ordinary People", sniffle, I seem to recall an in studio acoustic version that Trevor Nelson played on his show.

Oh and a sweet wknd highlight was a drive-by date that I had yesterday. A nice, neat experience. Ladies, you must do it at least once...

For us hopeless married people... please explain this drive-by thingey.
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