Thursday, September 07, 2006


Give A Little Bit...

Ah, listening to Supertramp on Q107, what frigging year is it? Never mind, not a sweeter moment could be had right now.

Not much as am mushing at the moment but MUST get it off my chest that this whole kidnap dash to freedom gal needs to shut up, leave those sterile, vapid psychiatrists already and have a proper reunion w/ her family. Gaaaaads. So tired of hearing about the people in the white coats in Austria. Most reunion people rejoin their families and shut up about it already. Nice, glad she is safe, horrible yes but really - the Japanese gal who was gone forever, the American blah blah -they're too busy with their families, to be proded and poked by people in white coats with severe sounding names.

Ok - the Q is rocking out to Rush, gotta go...

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