Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Hi Ho, Hi Ho. Its off to Court I go

Sooooooooo, I used my free day off of the week to fulfill a subpeona request. Yessssssss, last April I was on a streetcar on Queen that got hit by a cab. And the case came up today. And...guess what? It has been rescheduled for July. Sommink about the cabbie's lawyer setting the date back cuz they only just had a chance to confer. Huh? Wha? I MUST have misunderstood.

Anywhoo, I don't think I'll be doing the July date. I am SURE my memories will be foggiest of fuggiest by then and it ocurred to me today that um, the streetcar driver has really dreamy eyes and is kinda cute. I suspect that this is clouding my judgement and cannot be the reason for proceeding further, whatcha think? Ah, the wheels of justice - they turn soooooooo slow...

Ok, off to watch entourage, eat some leftovers for dinner and do some reading before packing it in for the night - more. later.

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