Monday, February 19, 2007


ugh. eerk

I feel like I've sold out to the man or sommink. I signed on to the new blogger...with google account, etc. Waddup w/ that forced sign on stuff - talk to me blogosphere.

Meanwhile, had a gas contractor come by the house to read our C O 2 levels AT 9:30 THIS EVENING. OH HOW I HATE. And the headache and drowsiness that I'm experiencing now -is that PMS or some sort of vile carbon monoxide meter reading backlash??

Well, enough pollution from me...for now. I'll be too happy to bound to work in the morning I am sure.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Quickly! Quickly!

Ah yes, a zap post today - becoming a habit sadly.

The court thing - a full on waste of time, pity. But, a la out n' about yesterday, went to SUPERMARKET in Kensington last night w/ the boys. This was followed by 45 years of jamaican music, etc @ harbourfront, nice.

So! Supermarket. bless Cazack and Junior -honestly, they are full on dearhearts. I had an awesome time UNTIL I NEEDED TO USE THE LADIES ROOM. Dissssssgusting. Frigging abhorrent, nightmarish and disgusting.

A wet slippery floor, stalls flooded and well, full of the dirt of a thousand years and people puking at the sink. I am still shivering in horror a day later. Heavens

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Hi Ho, Hi Ho. Its off to Court I go

Sooooooooo, I used my free day off of the week to fulfill a subpeona request. Yessssssss, last April I was on a streetcar on Queen that got hit by a cab. And the case came up today. And...guess what? It has been rescheduled for July. Sommink about the cabbie's lawyer setting the date back cuz they only just had a chance to confer. Huh? Wha? I MUST have misunderstood.

Anywhoo, I don't think I'll be doing the July date. I am SURE my memories will be foggiest of fuggiest by then and it ocurred to me today that um, the streetcar driver has really dreamy eyes and is kinda cute. I suspect that this is clouding my judgement and cannot be the reason for proceeding further, whatcha think? Ah, the wheels of justice - they turn soooooooo slow...

Ok, off to watch entourage, eat some leftovers for dinner and do some reading before packing it in for the night - more. later.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


mushing, MUSHING to keep up!

And doggonit, I will, I WILL. Somehow, some. way. But, just not this evening. Frack.

Lots to update and keeping it all in my head, is VERY I'll be back soon, promise. Jaynerator, glad that u n' Jack are better, scary...

Friday, January 19, 2007


Oh noooooo!!

Pafetik that I have so NOT blogged as yet for the year. How can this be when I have so much to rant about? Harumph...

1)dakota fanning. i'm choking, JUST choking...enough of that moron and her oscar hungry family already

2)chantal kreviazuk. wtf. must she be EVERYWHERE? I mean EVERYWHERE? Sheesh almighty

3) I watch too much CSI. Its my wind down after work but I think I've seen enough dead female bodies to last a lifetime - I get it already...still George Eads and Gary Dourdan are so hot...

4) Still krafting away, much more enjoyable than I thought it would be but working in the suburbs messed up my gaydar, faaack...

Monday, December 25, 2006



Wowzers, at a bit of a loss for words on this one. I was actually considering braving the wild jungles of Casino Rama again just for this performer but alas, the hardest working man in show business will grace the stages no more.

That said, Merry X-Mas all.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


scrooge ROCKS my world

I lost my purse this evening. I am HOPING. PRAAAAAAAAYING I left in my dad's car en route to the subway but if not, I LEFT it on the bloody subway. Faaaaaaaaack! Granted that I had my wallet and keys on my person at the time and that if someone wants to poach my numbers the battery is now dead but riding the subway tonight looking for it - not so much fun. The idea of having to replace all those numbers - not so much fun. It just makes me want to eat chocolate truffles and nap furiously.

Ok, tragic the level of updates needed here. Am working for a certain major North American food services company doing pr/promotions and copywriting. I've never done the copywriting thing officially and I live for it.

Right -more later. Am very dehydrated at the moment, what with taking in ttc fumes all evening.

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