Thursday, December 14, 2006


scrooge ROCKS my world

I lost my purse this evening. I am HOPING. PRAAAAAAAAYING I left in my dad's car en route to the subway but if not, I LEFT it on the bloody subway. Faaaaaaaaack! Granted that I had my wallet and keys on my person at the time and that if someone wants to poach my numbers the battery is now dead but riding the subway tonight looking for it - not so much fun. The idea of having to replace all those numbers - not so much fun. It just makes me want to eat chocolate truffles and nap furiously.

Ok, tragic the level of updates needed here. Am working for a certain major North American food services company doing pr/promotions and copywriting. I've never done the copywriting thing officially and I live for it.

Right -more later. Am very dehydrated at the moment, what with taking in ttc fumes all evening.

Sux about your purse! Miss ya so much. Heading back to the T Dot on Thursday.
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oh my god! i'm so sorry to hear this. please don't tell me it was the jeanne lottie bag!!!
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