Tuesday, November 14, 2006



No idea what the deal is w/ the new version of blogger - anyone care to share?? Help! Some of you have even bounced out of blogger all together, off to greener pastures and such.

Right. So - yesterday was the big municipal election love in. I am super suprised that Pitfield conceded at all AND as early as she did - wtf?! Shocking, runaway win for Miller, sniffle. Am also shocked that dear Alexandra Bravo didn't make it in, am going to do some digging re: the numbers on that one re: C. Palacio. I had high hopes for Alexandra, who is a super keen resident; hopefully she will continue to grow her public career!

Admission - am secretly brooding re: the Miller victory because as a TTC super user, I have my suspicions about the company morale and just the wackiness of the service. Case in point the door situation yesterday on the train home, the disappearing Friday evening buses, etc. Most interesting...

it is so much easier to do new layouts settings and so forth. just create a google account and it automatically updates you or something. why do you think my blog looks so different. before i was having headaches just trying to figure out how to edit my page. this is a thing of the past, baby! a thing of the past!
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