Friday, November 17, 2006



This sux, royally:

In other news, chomping on the bits to see Casino Royale, woo-hoo! I have been fully brainwashed by the media blitz and am super curious. I fully enjoy the continued firestorm re: Bond, er Craig being so buff, HOT. Hot I tell you.

What else? Start date for new contract has been pushed back by a week so likely more temping, went to see Masia 1 perform for the Reel Asian Film Fest music showcase @ the Drake - turns out Moose lost the master key, eek. Having lunch w/ former CBC peeps over roti in the underground - not in my day I tell you and at Saint Cinnamon at that - crazyfied. Tonight is dinner @ The Rushton, tomorrow a UK garage sale and Sunday movies. Monday back to the real estate perch and will have to suss out new leads for Tuesday starting, oh - say now.

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