Friday, November 24, 2006


Counting down...

It's almost that time...

I've got one more working day until I start my hot new p/t gig @ the food place, please don't let me eat too many white chocolate covered oreo cookies, faaaaack!

Meanwhile, I am doing the Joe thing today in tempo land - VERY interesting indeed. Even hotter is the fact that I am writing to you from a MAC - OMG, I love the MAC, I am one with the MAC, sweet, sweet...I DEFINITELY want a notebook for home now. And with word on the street that MACs now have Windows?? Shut-UP!

Well - apart from the fact that the head JOE in charge has not acknowledged my presence, this has been a stimulating morning already. The whole acknowledgement thing is par for the course of temping but is interesting considering the contrast in behaviour across sectors, personas, etc. I think realtors make a lot more than fashionistas and I don't recall nothing but manners for days w/ the Bay Streeters from earlier this week. Which brings to mind the blue vibes I get when I think about people like Serena d.p and the Canadian apparel industry; lots of sniffles. The good thing about this gig is that 1) it took me 20mins to get here and 2) Cheryl lives around the corner. I have to make a pit stop @ her place for my pits later on, eek.

ya never did use that lady speed stick...what happened? it was nice having the company. not many folks i know work in my vicinity. i totally feel you on the lack of manners amongst the fashionistas, though. can't stand their smug, permanently-raised-eyebrow attitudes. and how could head JOE not notice a nice gal like you? just goes to show. is this a Toronto thing? Sorry, that's the Montrealer-begging-the-question coming out of me.
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