Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Stinky -Poo

Gah - most HORRIBLE that I haven't written in what seems like a lifetime. Sadly, as I scramble around @ 11:26pm, there is little time to blog, crikey.

One thing I must say though, I was out walking this evening - northbound along Yonge Street, from Dundas-ish to Bloor. It smelled the entire way of garbage, sulphur and general pee-yooo.

Tdot - why? why? why must you be so stinkified? sigh...

Walked by Dundas Square the other day and noticed the particularly brutal aromas eminating there. I have observed though, that the stronger the smells, the fewer the Bible/Koran thumpers. A silver lining in the greenish brown cloud, perhaps?

hee hee...YES! its a full on sign from the peeyuuw heavens! ;)
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