Saturday, August 12, 2006


Saturday- sweet, sweet Saturday

Ah, if only there were more.

Feels like the first Saturday in about 2 months. Suh-weet! Ran one subway required errand which I turned into 2. Went on a buck bucks excursion to close a deal which didn't quite pan out. Sat drinking a chai and reading the globe instead. Good skeptical analysis of the likwid terror sitch. So stinking with holes and inconsistencies that.

I hate to say but I feel that we are in a world where Downing Street is being managed via remote by the White House. I am not buying that women all around the world, from Paris to Edmonton will forever have to pitch their lipgloss into garbage bins at the airport because of some previously disgruntled teen from roundabouts Brick Lane, whose family, though alientated, stand by him. Fishy, stinky. Why should Lush at Pearson have to close down because of this -sheesh. SHEESH...

Ok - here is hoping that there is gas in the BBQ. I feel like having yummy lamb treats for dinner tonight, whoo-hoo

firebrand, is that a pic of that ugly ancient fish that scientists think may be the missing link between us and our so-called watery ancestors?
i was just watching a program about the smithsonian institute and what they house in the various museums. they actually have this fish laying in a dark locked drawer in some putrid alcoholic fluid.

where did you get that pic, girl and for god's sake, explain how it represents your sweet sweet saturday. Ugghhh!!
Hiii! Sorry I just got this, like a WEEK later. My bad. And yes, the fish is my distant cousin water Ralph. Heh...but seriously, fish locked in a drawer? Scary.

I found cousin water Ralph on google pix and he represents my theory that the London terrorist arrests are stinking up the entire world. How much does it suck that you can't carry lip gloss in your carry on while flying? faaaack!
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