Thursday, August 17, 2006


Not done yet

Apparently not, no...

The news is just way too wonky today, I hadda share.

Firstly - waddup w/ going off air? Sommink about the Gawker guy buying it, reformating it and it sucking and inevitably dying...

Then the JonBenet thing. Sorry - I am forever the conspiracy theorist. This manic pedophile suspect told his senior aged dad that he was in jail for the murder -five years ago, and hadn't been in touch since. WTF??

And of course, there is this - from the flight gone wrong sitch yesterday. So claustrophobic my eye!!

Anywho, here city hall had some neat press this week re: the world of bike theft. The Quay to the City set up is going really well and these are the days of the absolutely perfect temperature, sweet, sweet...

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