Sunday, August 20, 2006


Mywan Taiwan

Ok, firstly. I think I saw a peodophile on the subway yesterday. It was an older guy in his mid to late 40s with a teenage boy who was high, glazy eyed and jumpy. The teen started every sentence with a touch of his wang and he also kept touching his companion, putting things in the guys pocket, etc. Everyone saw but ignored. What does one do in a situation like that apart from be totally repulsed and disgusted.

The both of them were making remarks about young women on the streetcar[509 to the ex], wanting to take them to hotel rooms, etc and about young people in whichever neighbourhood they lived. It seemed to be scarberia but they were fluent in french and english.

Ok - I need to know blog family. Talk to me! It reminds me of the situation on Rogers with the residents of #19. Full congregation of people talking & laughing at 3am but by the time I call the cops and they arrive @ 4am, there is only 1 drunk person left: sigh...

More later - had a blast this weekend with more positive happenings than the icky parts.

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