Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Another Day, Another Rant

Oh, and yet ANOTHER good Ryerson sighting...

Ran into MP again on the rocket, sweet. For the love of gawd I hope we can get it together to get together sometime soon.

Right before I saw MP, the lovely pregnant lady whom I had given my seat up to was leaving the train and said "thanks" before she left. Like she needs to. But, since the men who take public transit in Toronto during rush hour are rude twats who obviously have their fingers up their keesters, well - I guess it is a gratitude worthy moment.

Sad. SAD! Jaynerator, I NOW understand your previous angst, grrr...

Anywho, a random thought. While getting ready for work this morning. I was thinking about Sally Field and her Norma Rae Oscar speech, which lead me to think of Forrest Gump, which lead me to think about "A Prayer For Owen Meany"[such an awesome book] and then that movie Simon Birch w/ Ashley Judd. How Simon Birch was the movie based on the book, but not really - strange.

Anywhoo, the person I ended up standing beside after I gave up my seat to preggo lady was reading a recent edition of "A Prayer For Owen Meany". Cool huh?

Tanks Wenners! Good for you for being a good girl scout!
Jayne! How is the trip going? Ok - I'll have a look in case I'm missing updates already.
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