Saturday, July 29, 2006


Take Me Home...Country Road

In Orangeville for the wknd. Hadda check out of Tdot as I was in urban overload, ick...have about 24 hours left so soaking up as much rural vibes as possible - which means; get OFFA DA COMPUTER already.

Gah - there is a budgie swirling around my head and a sullen teenager on the coach so time for me to chow down yesterday's leftover grub, yum...chicken breasts w/ lemon, pasta with chive/cheese and zucchini/broccoli...


thought I'd stop and say hi.

You gotta admire a gal who's first words are..I love chocolate.

I suspect the cold front came through by now.
heh - too kind Argos! I actually have a Ritter's dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts sitting in my fridge at home, swoon.

Nice painting you have there, the other oils and acrylics on your blog, not to mention the stills of your own surroundings - glorious! and yes, the humidity has broken, thankfully
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