Thursday, July 13, 2006



Actually nofink of import to report.

Somewhat of an odd day today. 9-5 took a turn southbound just w/ techie glitches, deadlines, etc which resulted in the longest day I've put in thus far. I had a moy caliente[no literally, and I don't even know what that means] break midday which took away some of the pain.

Looking fwd. to the wknd, the fruits of my labour and all if you will.

Signed on to do some blogging for hire this week - I am specializing in 80s music so stay tuned for dat...

Trying to think of ttc nonsense to share so that I can end on a high note but drawing a blank, sorry!

I'll share this in the meantime, a news item that really made me stop short...

and then there is this gem. Pims anyone? haaaa heee hooo, fwah fwah...

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