Tuesday, July 04, 2006


On a Roll Now

So much to report nowadays...

like EVERY SINGLE DAYAYAY! In my passion for Amadou & Mariam, not to mention the RASOSL, I forgot to mention the fantastic experience that was Seu Jorge's performance on Friday night - whew!

Also, funny stuff from Brazil re: that country's loss in footie. Ah Ronaldo, you can take the chips from your newly desecrated statue and fix your teeth hon, fwah fwah...

Next, a moment to acknowledge the lovely and aptly sardonic TTC ads re: littering. Ah, it is high time!

And lastly - what love I have for the story about the stroke victim from Newcastle, England who woke up speaking patois upon her recovery. omg...

Now - off to bed I go; wish me luck, footie fans from Portugallo and Italia have hijacked the hood and it is full on bedlam outside, gah - porto plays tomorrow. I cannot think about it...

Oh boy! PRAY for a French victory cuz we're never gonna get any sleep if it's an Italy - Portugal final.
Amen neighbour - amen! It was like a morgue on Wednesday night and I am not complaining. I could hear burdies chirping! :)

Heads up tho' - the western side of st. clair west will be closed for corso italia this week and the easterly side of st. clair west will be closed for salsa on st. clair NEXT week.
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