Monday, July 03, 2006


Double Header!

Yah, I saw this article online and COULD NOT resist posting and sharing with the world cuz it is just so "share worthy"... .

And, for the record - I am calling it that Jamaican tourism, with respect, is dead. I just find that there is too much other Caribbean tourism going on in the world and that the distractions of greed have caused other less contributive and more destructive economic elements to grow at the peril of the sandier parts, titch titch...sorry but those random little tv ads with the arranged Bob Marley music just don't cut it in 2006.

And yes - I really do believe that Malian music is the best music today. I heard a sad panel on the radio today. Going on about some upcoming 20k music prize that is coming out for Canadian bands this week. Of course, all about rock musicians, solo and bands. Spoken about in a small, exclusive circle with the fondness of a dear friend. Lots of love for Harmer, Social and only marginal reference to one hip hop act. Complete blanking of all other genres.

They still play those Bob Marly ads on TV! How about, "Make it Jamaica, your new island home." Remember that one. Sad though.
Gah - are you kidding? I hate them - they are pathetic and outdated already. The rest of the Caribbean really have the scoop on tourism these days, sigh...
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