Sunday, July 02, 2006



Not a bad Canada Day...

If I say so mi'self. Took it easy and took in a visit w/ the parents. Dad buggered off to a baseball game, mom wound down the visit w/ an evening @ Aunt Elaine's. I watched some of the soccer insanity in between - Brazil out -whaaa?? Porto beat England huh??? Shocking. shocking.

Quite chillaxed and cooled out.

Sadly, that changed later and with a turn to the south in the wee hours of the morning. At somewhere around 3amish, I could hear inappropriately loud talking on the street. There were spats and outburst throughout the night which I credited to the soccer situation. However, at this certain hour, it was consistent and consistently inappropriate. My window was not open too wide but still, I could hear something dodgy. Next thing, the nephew comes storming down the stairs, looking for his dad. I was impressed that he had made it all the way down, in the dark, and in tact.

The outside convo was punctuated with a female voice saying repeatedly, "I don't care, I don't care" suddenly quite forcefully now. [come to think of it, I did hear a slam and a yell just before that too] I got up and looked out the window, in time to hear a male voice yell out "hey" and next thing, there is a wife beater wearing bad hair day skinny dude bolting southbound down my street, followed by a cop.

A few moments later, wifebeater guy comes running back northbound up the street, a male resident on Rogers is on the street in his gotch, the officer is back in pursuit[rather weakly I might add] and the street is soon lit up by the sounds and sights of sirens and poh-poh cars are everywhere. Gotch guy tells foot officer which direction wifebeater went and then the next 2 hours is a variation of police dog sniffing, flashlight search, police van, ambulance, rubber neckers, inquiring neighbours and lots of walkie talkie squawking.

Now that Diana has moved away next door - I am bent on seeing things be super cool around here. I am all about calling the fuzz for loud parties, spying on dodgy happenings from the apartment above the hair salon on rogers and regret NOT calling the fuzz when the random lady was shrieking outside the bank one night a few weeks back.

No use having any nefarious "element" thinking this is a good place kick up some dust. I won't have it! I spent too much time on the phone with everyone from garbage collection to 911 when dirty diana and her vile tenants were around, ick...

Listen - word on the barbershop circuit is that the roundup re: the boxing day shooting just down the street here was a long time in coming and that most folks knew the entire bunch were rotten to the core anyways. Titch titch...

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