Monday, July 17, 2006


Aah, what refreshment

I just erased an entire entry about a random sighting I had this evening on the way to dinner with Tdot Brit chick pal of the randomly gorgeous construction worker man -whew! My nephew reads this blog sometimes and it just wouldn't be appropriate. My W.O.R.D. specimen of specimens, steroetype of stereotypes, he was disturbingly hot...suffice to say that when I spotted random construction guy's arms, no PIPES of steel all beady and flexed, I lost my train of thought for several blocks...golly...

Not much else to report, lots of fires burning around the globe today relative to a week ago. Mumbai's tragedy is off the news page and a tsunami this wknd was a blip on the news radar.

At the water meanwhile, "the concert" on Saturday was a smashing, rousing success and I am definitely proud to have been on the job for that one. Nice, much other great music and programming though, golly - genre wide, globally -we have so much of it...

Went on a most interesting of dates on the wknd too which was super cute.

At the moment the humidity is the grossest ever and making writing barely bareable so I am cutting this short.

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