Friday, March 31, 2006


Early, Fruitful Start to da weekend baby!

Good times were DEFINITELY had last night. Started off w/ the BBPA Network exchange. Really good to see some familiar faces and mix it up to meet some fantastic new people as well. I ran into my 3 year plan future donor guy and met a gal from one of the big PR shops. There were some issues with the venue but the next stop on the night was so good it made up for it 10 fold.

Two biggie thumbs up to Yul @ Barristers in the Hilton, the man is THE hotel bartender in Toronto. Last week when we went by, Yul was on a cruise[the Queen Mary, the nerve!], so Anil, formerly of Fez, was our drink slingah; a most enjoyable sloppy seconds if I say so mi'self.

Had some good chats w/ some musician types-my fave subcast of homosapien, part of the Barristers crowd last night. The piano man of the evening, who we may catch @ Prego in Yorkville on Saturday, and his pal who is a drummer and has performed for the likes of Ron Sexsmith and Bryan Adams. Originally from Vancouver, he is in town to be part of the performer list for the upcoming CBC TV hockey series that Analisa is working on. Note to self, I must check in with her...

All in all a good night, but sad to see a chap who was either too tired or too inebriated get chucked out of Barristers though, he kept putting his feet, sans shoes on the bar - wtf??

Ok - time to check in w/ the local news, according to yesterday's budget, it looks like there is going to be a rate hike on the ttc, sigh...

Way to go, sista. I love yer blog. Keep it comin'.
Yeah girl...the Hilton is definitely the place to go for those nice heady cocktails. Perfectly done each and every time. And I think this is the second time that I've seen some pretty interesting folks at the bar in the Barristers. Some British airline attendants, a Vancouver drummer, a local (straight? bi-? gay?) piano player who was graceful enough to indulge me, an American nurse (well, we didn't actually meet him, did we Firebrand? but he was talking with our girl). Toronto is a very interesting place and I'm loving it. Always something new to learn and different people from different walks of life to meet.

Would like to check out the scene at Prego...never been there but, hey, it's Yorkville...or almost.
Look forward to hearing about all your crazy adventures, trials and tribulations, and Tdot extravaganzaaaassss. x
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